About us

Exquisit, exotic, excellent

Keen for good taste!

Mexican food in a unique experience. Here at Casa Mexico we've worked for many years as ambassadors of the Mexican palate and their culinary culture.

Our food is truly delicious, give yourself the opportunity to taste it.

We supply a large number of customers. Within our customers we supply Caters, Hotels, Restaurants, Festivals and the most exclusive bars in Austria with interest in mexican beverages and its food.

You can find our products in our Casa Nexuci sgio and online on our webpage.

Enjoy the Flavour of the South!

Do you know what a "Food Hunter" is?

The "Food Hunters" are hunters of good taste, they go deep into the jungles in search of flavors or ingredients that are new or forgotten, always looking for culinary experimentation and the desire to bring new taste to the menus.

Casa Mexico works with the same passion and enthusiasm for Mexican food. Our experts in Latin America act as "Food Hunters", constantly looking for new flavors and trends.

Not only we have the "know-how" of the Latin and Austrian market, but also the products to develop your restaurant menu or simply to supply your home cabinets!

Our company

As true Latin Americans, we would like to offer as many people as possible access to original Mexican and South American specialities. While we operate our logistics centre in Seyring and a nationwide delivery service for the catering trade and industry, we offer our webshop delivery and our Casa México Shop for private customers where you can go shopping yourself.

Sustainability and social responsibility are important topics at Casa México. As an owner-managed company, it is of great concern to us to organise our work in such a way that the greatest possible benefit and the least possible disadvantages arise for all those involved. The term stakeholders is broadly defined and includes not only management, employees and customers, but also suppliers and their employees, as well as the companies in our geographical markets themselves (both in sales and purchasing) and future generations.

Sustainability and social responsibility

Casa México's fleet of cars is already 100% electric and runs on electricity from renewable sources

For many years, the reduction of CO² and waste gas from our employees' company cars has been a focus of our efforts. We have recently been able to make great progress in this area, partly because viable solutions now exist.

In the meantime, the entire fleet of company cars is purely electric and charged with electricity from renewable sources. As a result, Casa México has had to make significantly higher investments in its vehicle fleet in recent years, but is also contributing to the development of this future technology.

Our investment, together with others, is an impetus for the development of the charging infrastructure and, of course, also an incentive for car manufacturers to push ahead with development. Through regional ecological electricity production, well-paid jobs are also supported in the region, which means that we have not only "eliminated" our own exhaust emissions, but also reduce the environmental pollution caused by the extraction and transport of oil and fuel.

Investing in climate protection

Our deep-freeze warehouse in the Casa México logistics centre was built with foresight back in 2009. Thanks to the most modern panel technology with approximately twice the usual insulation thickness, a new development for insulating the floor and a highly efficient compressor, it was possible to make the energy consumption of the new deep-freeze hall particularly low. The U-value of the cold storage hall is only 0.12.

We improved in 2020 the deep-freeze technology, the focus is on replacing the refrigerant gas with a new development with less greenhouse potential. In the event of leaks, the environmental impact of refrigerant gases is enormous. One kilogram of conventional refrigerant gas has the same effect on the climate as about 4000 kg of carbon dioxide.

For the replacement of the cooling gas, a modification of the cooling technology was necessary, as not all components were compatible with the new cooling gas. In the end, however, a reduction of 50-70% in the climatic activity of the cooling gas will be achieved.

Casa México lives diversity

Casa México pays special attention to the equal treatment of all participants in the company and is already completely free of discrimination of any kind due to its thematic orientation. Currently, employees from Bolivia, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Colombia and Austria work for our company. Equal wages or salaries are paid for similar positions, without distinction according to origin or gender.

We are a family-run company that, to the best of our ability, takes into account the needs of our employees, especially in terms of work scheduling and work-life balance.

Truck fleet is being modernised

We are improving the environmental performance of our truck fleet. All our trucks already have EURO 5 as a minimum standard, our latest newcomer already has EURO 6 and our MAN truck is on the road with EURO 5 EEV.

However, we are already planning continuous further development. Unfortunately, the market for purely electrically powered trucks is still very thin on the ground, so it is rather doubtful whether we will be able to do without combustion engines completely for our next purchases, especially because we need transport refrigeration. But we very much wish we could.

Recycling of packaging material

At Casa México, more than 50% of the disposable cardboard and film packaging is simply reused without prior recycling.

Used but still re-usable disposable cardboard boxes find a new use in the mail order business, films are used as additional goods protection and buffer material in the mail order business. This reduces cardboard and plastic waste by about 30%.

Only sustainable carrier bags

In our Casa México shop, we have been using carrier bags made of renewable raw materials, either paper or cotton, as well as RPET bags made from recycled beverage bottles, which can be reused many times and used for many years as an indestructible shopping bag. This is an important contribution to reducing the burden on the environment caused by disposable petrochemical articles.

Energy flow analysis in our shop

This year, we are commissioning an analysis of energy saving potentials in our shop on Spittelberg. A specialised external consulting firm will be commissioned to support us with concrete proposals until we obtain a quotation. The aim is, of course, to use existing possibilities to reduce energy consumption and thus make a contribution to the environment. This project is also supported by the Eco Business Plan Vienna.